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The 1st Israeli Workshop on

Multi Criteria Optimization and Decision Making

February 9, 2012

Complex problems usually require the simultaneous consideration of multiple performance criteria. Multi-objective optimization (MOO) and, especially, evolutionary multi-objective optimization (EMO), is now recognized as possessing the potential to satisfactorily address such problems. This is evidenced by the rapidly growing number of research publications and by the availability of a number of related software tools and users (academia and industry). As part of this development, Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) based on the results obtained through EMO/MOO, is an important challenge.

The main goals of the workshop with respect to EMO/MOO/MCDM are:

  1. Expose industry to research conducted at the Israeli academia.
  2. Serve as a bed for researchers from the academia/industry to meet and discuss possible collaborations.
  3. Expose academia to industry' needs.
  4. Expose managers, researchers and students to available software tools.
  5. Establish working teams for enhancing collaborations.
Organising Committee: Dr. Gideon Avigad – Ort Braude College of Engineering
Dr. Amiram Moshaiov – Tel Aviv University
Mr. Kobi Ganor – Ort Braude College of Engineering
Mrs. Erella Matalon Eisenstadt – Ort Braude College of Engineering
Mr. Shaul Salomon – Ort Braude College of Engineering


The workshop will be conducted in English

ORT Braude College