ORT Braude College
Bar-Ilan University
University of Potsdam
ORT Braude College (Karmiel, Israel)
Bar-Ilan University (Ramat-Gan, Israel)
University of Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany)
announce the Second International Conference
Complex Analysis & Dynamical Systems
a conference in honor of
Lawrence Zalcman's
60th Birthday
which will be held June 9-12, 2003, at the Carlton Hotel, Nahariya, Israel.
The conference will emphasize the interaction between
Complex and Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations.
We intend to publish the proceedings of the conference.
The Carlton Hotel, is located in the beautiful seaside city of Nahariya in the northern part of Israel.
Program Committee:
M. Agranovsky (Bar-Ilan University)
L. Karp (ORT Braude College)
V. Khatskevich (ORT Braude College)
M. Klein (University of Potsdam)
B. Pinchuk (Bar-Ilan University)
S. Reich (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)
B. W.Schulze (University of Potsdam)
D. Shoikhet (ORT Braude College)
M. Teicher (Bar-Ilan University)
L. Zalcman (Bar-IlanUniversity)
Additional Information:
Lavi Karp

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The Gelbart Research Institute
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