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This Conference is dedicated to bringing together researchers from ORT Braude College (OBC) and distinguished guests, for presentations and discussions of their research. It is a unique opportunity to expose the research conducted at OBC to both outsiders and to the tenure lecturers of OBC. Moreover, it is an opportunity to socialize and to become acquainted with peers, other than your own Department's members.

In order to enhance this exposure and to highlight interdisciplinary activities within our institute, we have coordinated a session, where proposals for interdisciplinary future research will be presented. To encourage the collaboration between OBC researchers and researchers from other academic institute and to expose the research in our college to external researchers, the conference will host this year several participants from other institutions which will attend the meeting as full participants.

Organizing Committee:
Erella Eisenstadt –
Kobi Ganor –
Shimshon Kallush, Chairperson –
Orly Yahalom –
Vika Zakharevich –