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Rules and guidelines for art works

Art in the eyes of Scientists and Engineers. Science and Technology in the eyes of Artists.

From one side, AST (Art, Science and Technology: Communication Among Three Cultures) conference brings together scientists and engineers of a wide range of specialties. In these fields people are constantly using visualization of information: from microscope images and photographs to mathematical models. On the other hand, people from different fields of art are often motivated and inspired by achievements of science and technologies. We would like to present the artworks that have been generated as part of research, industrial projects and realities, or are results of creative efforts that involve scientific concepts or employ scientific tools and methods as well as represent some scientific or technology idea in artistic way.

Who can participate:
  1. Artists who are using science and technology to explore new ways of creative expression.
  2. Scientists who utilize or generate art in the creation of scientific models and imaginary used to illustrate their concepts, theories, and discoveries.
  3. Engineers who are creating a piece of art on the base of technological process or industrial landscape.
What can participate:

Any type of artistic expression: pictures, photos, videos, sculptures, installations, music and all possible combinations.

Submission Guidelines
An artist can be an individual or a group of individuals. Each artist may submit video or images for presentation in physicalform and projection. If the artist submits multiple images for presentation in printed form there is no guarantee that all images will be displayed based on exhibition place. Space for physical presentation of images is limited and will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis. If you cannot attend the conference but still have artworks to present on the Art & Science exhibition please contact for assistance.

The final artworks have to be submitted for review before the deadline by the email to: Together with the artworks a brief description of every work has to be submitted as well as a work title. The description must not be longer than 150 words. Videos have to be in MPEG format only and no more than 4 minutes long. The file size of the video must not exceed 100 MB. It must be possible to decode videos with standard software. The maximum resolution for videos is 1024x768 pixels. Videos may include sound. Images to be presented in the printed form must be smaller than 43 x 43 (109.2 cm x 109.2 cm). They will be attachable to a poster board using velcro. The organizers recommend to leave a sufficiently wide border around the artwork and to carefully consider the size of photos and the amount of detail included in images. All images must be submitted in their final form and resolution. In case of images employing non-digital media a high-resolution digital photo of the artwork has to be submitted. Images can be submitted in PNG, JPEG, GIF, or TIFF format. The file size must not exceed 25 MB.

Content The artwork may deal with any theme in science. While artistic freedom is a primary concern of the organizers the nature of the event requires certain restrictions on the content of the artwork. Artwork that contains sexual, political or religious themes cannot be accepted into the exhibition and will be rejected. Works created for commercial purposes will also be rejected.

Review All submitted artwork will be reviewed for compliance with content restrictions as well as technical requirements. Artwork out of compliance will be rejected. Furthermore, the organizers reserve the right to reject artwork for any reasons.

Travel Award All authors of the submitted artwork are eligible to submit the travel award application after the Call for Travel Award is opened. The conference organizers are committed to providing support to as many eligible applicants as possible, although our funding sources are very limited and we regret that we are not able to fund all applicants.

Contest Images presented in printed form and videos will automatically enter a contest for a $200 (USD) award unless the artist indicates during the submission process that the work should be excluded from the contest.

Copyrights and Permissions The artist must be holding the copyrights for all parts of the artwork or have permission from the copyright holders to use their works. Copyright holders other than the artist must be attributed accordingly in the abstract accompanying the artwork.

Art works submission deadline is: 01.02.2011     E-mail:

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