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About Karmiel

Karmiel is a young city (38 years old) located in the heart of the breathtaking landscape of the Galilee. The city was well planned from the beginning and shows distinct signs of the consideration taken to make the city comfortable and friendly to its residents. The high quality of living in the city stems from environmental, educational and cultural quality, and an emphasis on quality free time, all of which create a friendly atmosphere for children, young people as well as adults. Walking around the streets of Karmiel we are impressed by the quality of the building, the high standards, the landscaped areas and parks spread around the city and by the cleanliness of the city.

Established in 1964, Karmiel is located in the Beit Kerem Valley, which divides the Upper and Lower Galilee. The city is located at the center of the main network of roads in the northern area. Karmiel is 35 kms. from Tiberias, 30 kms from Safed, 22 kms. from Acre and 45 kms. from Haifa. Karmiel encompasses an area of 24,000 dunam.

Karmiel is 250 meters above sea level in the heart of breathtaking landscape. The climate in Karmiel is dry, breezy and comfortable. There is 55% humidity from April to October and 65-70% humidity from November to March.

The first residents arrived in Karmiel in September 1964. Today the city has a population of 50,000, made up of about 15,000 families. According to the master plan, the population of Karmiel will reach 120,000.

The layout of Karmiel is unique and modern, with continuous activity to keep the city clean. The residents enjoy high quality municipal services. There is complete separation of residential areas and industrial areas. There are wide sections of parks, gardens and tree lined avenues. Using varied and up date construction techniques, each neighborhood is an independent unit with its own educational institutions, synagogue and shopping center. The city’s roadway system is excellent, with broad streets and good parking. The Municipality of Karmiel insists on a standard of living that is higher than the average standard in the country. Karmiel has been awarded many national prizes.

The city is known for the Karmiel Dance Festival, a yearly event since 1988. The festival is usually held for 3 days and nights in July, and includes dance performances, workshops, and open dance sessions. The festival began as a celebration of Israeli folk dance, but today it features many different dance forms from all around the globe, and attracts thousands of dancers and hundreds of thousands of spectators from many countries.

The network of community centers covers much of the cultural and sports activities in the city. In addition, the local Country Club, the Top Club, has a heated swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna, jacuzzi and other high quality equipment. The Cultural Center has a seating capacity of 800. It presents the best theatrical productions of the country as well as concerts, dances, children’s theater, shows and films.


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